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Our Services

Exterior cleaning of all types of tanks.  Interior drained cleaning and inspections of all types of tanks.  Dive cleaning and inspections. ROV inspections. Exterior and interior painting and touch-up coating repairs. Rubber roof membrane installation.

Exterior and interior crack repairs. Tank mixer installation. DNR, MDH, EPA, AWWA and OSHA compliance fixes. Tank vents, overflow outlet pipe compliance, screens, gaskets, sample taps, etc.

Exterior Cleaning

Proven cleaning technology that delivers safe, reliable cleaning every time. We utilize our robotic cleaning system, our man lift baskets and our telescopic boom lift depending on the type of tank being cleaned.


We clean all types of water storage tanks including Single Pedestal Water Towers, Hydropillars, Standpipes, Ground Storage Reservoirs, Stucco Concrete Tanks and

Multi-Legged Elevated Water Towers.

Exterior Cleaning
Interior Cleaning & Inspections 
Interior Cleaning & Inspections 

We clean and inspect all types of tanks including underground reservoirs. WTCC, Inc. can perform drained cleaning and inspections, dive cleaning and inspections and ROV inspections.


A complete digital picture and video report is included along with DNR required Reservoir Inspection Form 3300-248.  As part of drained cleanings we can provide back-up pressurization while the tank is down for service. 

Tank Painting

Exterior and interior coating repairs from full rehab to touch-up painting. We make coating repairs to interior platforms, bottom bells, rooftops and weld burn repairs after antenna installations.

We also rehab pressure tanks and vessels.

Tank Painting
Rubber Roof Membrane Installation & Crack Repairs
Rubber Roof Membrane
Tank Mixers
DNR/EPA/AWWA Compliance

Water Tower Clean & Coat, Inc. can take care of all of your compliance needs.

  • Overflow modifications.

  • Vents built to fit existing rooftop opening.

  • Rubber Roof Membrane Installations.

  • Infiltration remediation. Ceiling crack repairs interior and exterior.

  • Hatch gaskets and hatch modifications.

  • Sample Tap and Emergency Chlorination Taps Installed.

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Serving the Midwest

Fully Insured 


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